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This brief outlines some of the challenges facing client computing, security, and compliance teams and how they can be addressed through the deployment of Windows 10. It also looks at how well current hardware takes advantage of these functions and features.

Intel recently evaluated how well 2-in-1 devices are working for its employees and the findings show that 2-in-1 devices provide significant benefits for multiple use cases compared to other types of devices.

The study revealed that employees in the sales and marketing groups and other highly mobile employees particularly benefited.

This paper looks at how advances in technology are expanding the role of desktop-class computing beyond the desk and how new form factors including mini PCs, All-In-One PCs, and compute sticks can be used in a variety of enterprise settings.

New research conducted by The Channel Company reveals that 50 percent of channel partners surveyed are currently using Compute Stick themselves or are recommending it to customers.

Intel Compute Stick may be more versatile than you ever imagined. Here’s a closer look at Intel Compute Stick and a glimpse into what innovative partners are doing with this tiny PC.

Read the latest case study to learn about creative uses for Compute Stick!

Intel Technology Providers have access to more. More knowledge, insight into technology roadmaps, business-building rewards, and more to offer your customers. Hear what your peers are saying:



Elevate emphasizes the overarching experience of partnering with Intel and the lasting value it delivers. It’s about building trust and fostering better relationships, not just with Intel, but with customers, too.

We want resellers to know that as an Intel® Technology Provider, they gain the ability to help their customers succeed, which in turn helps their business grow. Learn More.

The 9-to-5, cubicle-dwelling world of yesteryear is crumbling away as users work from home, collaborate across geographies, and teleconference on a global scale. In today’s workplace, employees need mobility, flexibility, and security to maintain productivity. This case study will demonstrate how Intel and Citrix efforts boost productivity and bring technological breakthroughs in three key areas: mobility, flexibility, and security.

HP’s Mini Desktop family offers a broad range of commercial-grade customizable PCs for SMB to enterprise with options that are secure, powerful and budget sensitive.

Read more to hear how 4th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors deliver key innovations in three essential areas: security, business productivity and manageability/automation.


In business today, work is becoming less about a place people go and more about what they do. The latest innovations in technology have helped to create a distributed workforce, from ubiquitous Internet connectivity and cloud to a range of new devices. And that workforce now has the flexibility to work whenever they want, from wherever they can. Read the full planning guide.

With hackers working around the clock to identify the next potential victim, it’s more important than ever for you to prioritize security. Protect against hackers by upgrading to new desktops featuring Intel’s hardware-enhanced security and supporting software.